Mo Parga brings over 45 years of riding experience to the platform and arena, sharing with you her knowledge, experience, and countless hours earned both with boots on the ground and boots in the stirrups, having shared most her waking hours with horses her entire life.  

             She is an accomplished horse woman, rider and former mounted police officer and trainer for the San Diego Police Department in California with P.O.S.T. (Police Officer Standards of Training certification as a mounted instructor since 1991.  She carries with her a vast array of experience and an intuitive gift to see and understand challenges that not only a rider may be experiencing, but more importantly what challenges a horse may be confronting.  Her greatest gift is her ability to bring both rider and mount together to form a win-win partnership that benefits both the rider and the horse.  Mo has and continues to work with law enforcement agencies  -- serving as their "go to" person for mounted police training -- as well as working with civilian equestrians who seek assistance in becoming a better rider and partner with their horse.  

           Whether it is behavior/training issues, sensory training, parade/street training or basic care and feed issues, everyone gains advancement with her skilled direction.