Note to all partcipants, from Mo Parga:

I talked with Nancy at the equestrian center in Ramona off Gun Stage Rd. I just love that street name....We have secured a Sept. 9, 2017 for the sensory clinics. Beginners in am and advanced in afternoon. Nancy is awesome to say the least!

Nancy will have signs directing you to park trailers near the center jump arena on the right as you pull in, entrance on south side of the facility. This is also the area where we will be doing the training. You will be near your trailers for gear etc. Bring water for you and horses, the center charges 5.00 per trailer and 5.00 per horse. I included your 5.00 per horse in the clinic price.

This is a beautiful facility please keep trash contained and fill any holes your horse digs. (I am sure they are all perfect and don't paw) LOL

Let me know if this date works for you. I don't cash any checks until after the event, because life happens and I don't want you to have added stress.

If you are unable to attend this date let me know I can cross shred your checks and sell your personal information on-line to a guy name Slim Jim.... LOL yes that was a joke. 

The EQ center will be putting on an obstacle competition Sept. 30th in which I will be judging so you might have an edge as to how to properly do the obstacles. 

Remember this is a fun day where we all get to point and laugh at each other, learning in a fun environment. Wear comfortable clothes and use your normal trail tack. You will register you, sign waivers at the area of training then we will instruct you to get your horse, Do Not mount!!! both classes will start with ground work. ie halters and lead ropes. Then those that are riding will be given time to mount, some will need blocks that's fine.

Three Black Horses, Jennifer "Hula" Hom is one of our instructors, she will be on hand for Reike therapy and herb treatment information.

Please no alcoholic beverages at the training, you may-can / need those later at home... LOL 

Email me your status and forward this email to folks you know are planning on coming, so they know the new date. Auditors are free If folks want to listen and watch and it helps them be safe I am all for it.


On behalf of the awesome MPHT staff, thank you for choosing us to help you in your training.

Mo Parga
619-977-5576 cell

Mo Parga Horse Training, Inc. brings to you a day of fun and camaraderie for you and your horse.

Join us in the saddle. Meet Mo Parga and her team on SEPTEMBER 9, 2017!

This event will help develop confidence between you and your horse, building upon more effective riding skills and partnering up to make for safer riding abilities. Horsemanship skills and overall performance. Mounted units are welcome Start each class with Ground work,

  • Beginners 0900 to noon - Great for young/older non rideable horses in-hand sensory go into beginner class 
  • Advanced 1pm to 3pm ? 
  • Three Black Horses “Hula” will be avail. For consulting: herb supplements, Reiki and more.

The day is yours to work with our instructors on obstacles at your pace.

Please Pre register, checks are welcome

BE SURE TO INDICATE WHICH CLASS YOU ARE ATTENDING, limited to 15 per class Beginner class: 75.00 Advanced class 75.00

For questions regarding the Training Event, contact Mo Parga

(619) 977-5576

send us a message from the Contact tab here on our website